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Butler Parrots is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Butler County Pennsylvania at 629 Center Drive, Chicora, PA 16025.

Because of our Adoption Requirements, We reserve the right to limit our adoption area to a 50 Mile Driving Distance from our Center Drive Address.

For complete adoption requirements please click on our ADOPTION PROCESS PAGE and our ADOPTION APPLICATION. Adoption application

Our mission is to provide care for orphaned parrots and place them into a suitable and loving permanent home. We do not buy birds nor do we sell birds for bird owners. We do not breed birds nor do we place any parrot that is in our program into a breeding situation.

Many people buy parrots impulsively without doing research. They think it's 'cool' to have a bird that talks. What they don't understand is the natural habitat in which parrots normally live, what their nutritional needs are, and their behavior patterns. That 'talking' bird soon becomes loud and messy and soon sold to someone else who is just as inexperienced. Do you know that the average parrot will have more than 9 homes during it's lifetime?

Our goal is to find a ' forever' home for the parrots.
Each bird that enters into the program will be evaluated behaviorally to determine his/her needs which will allow for proper placement. We strive to educate adoptive parrot owners and give guidance on avian life to promote responsible guardianship. Our support does not stop once the bird leaves our residence - we encourage new owners to call if they have any questions. Photo's of newly adopted parrots are always welcome and we would be happy to post on the website.

A few things to think about before adopting a bird:

Birds do bite. For this reason we feel that some parrots are not suitable to be
around young children.
• Birds can be quite loud and some are not suitable for an apartment dwelling.
• Messy? Very!
• Parrots are like small children and need attention, time and guidance.
• Some species of birds can live up to 90 years.
• Parrots need a daily variety of fruits and vegetables along with a recommended
amount of seed and pellets.

If you are a current parrot owner and your situation has changed so that you need to rehome your bird, please let us know and we will do what we can to help.

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*Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, all written material and verbal information is accurate and non-threatening to the health and safety of your birds.